20120620_132841Hi, I’m Wouter Bruins, Biologist and owner of BioBruins. Together with others I founded two Dutch Biotechnology companies, In Ovo and Amplino. ┬áBoth companies develop Biotechnology to help solve worldwide issues. I’m fascinated by life and the rapidly evolving field of Science studying it. Biology is moving forward at a very rapid pace, every day new exciting discoveries are made. In my work I try to keep up and focus on bringing these discoveries from the lab bench into the world. I found out during my studies that I love the field of tech transfer, as it permits me to work both in Science and Business, which is a powerful combination. Moving into this field I found out that tech transfer is still in its infancy. There are still many potentially disruptive discoveries made in Academia, which go unnoticed and I believe that is a major waste. I plan on changing that by setting up spinoffs from research, together with great people. These companies have one goal; to solve worldwide issues through the use of Biology.
This website is the place where I share things I’ve learned, information about my companies and my favorites. I hope you enjoy it!